At Handyman UNO, we offer premier handyman services. Handyman UNO has the skills and expertise to complete any Home or Business maintenance, repair, and improvement service. Don’t let issues with your home stress you out or interrupt your busy life. Handyman UNO is here to help. Homeowners can rely on us to complete any Handyman Service or Home Repair. 
Fast, Efficient, and always Affordable!  
Handyman UNO, The only ONE you need!

Meet the UNO Duo


The Half

Hello & Welcome! I’m David, and I’m half of Handyman UNO.

I started Handyman UNO because I love to build and fix stuff.

As a former Mechanical Engineer, with Hands-On industrial experience, I’m especially good at anything that requires precision, attention to detail, or a custom approach.

You can hire Handyman UNO for a wide variety of projects and home repairs which are listed on the services page.

Contact Handyman UNO today and start saving time and living life... more comfortably.


The Better Half

Hola y Bienvenida!  I'm Ana, "The" better half of Handyman UNO.

 While David & his team figure out the technical, hands-on aspects, I keep it all together, so you don't have any Missed Appointments, Concerns, or Headaches. 

 However, if you do have any questions about billing, scheduling, or pricing, I'm only a phone call away.  

At Handyman UNO we do ONE thing above all else, Customer Satisfaction and Pride in our little company.

  Gracias por visitarnos. ¡Esperamos con interés trabajar con usted! ¡Nos vemos pronto! 

Over 500 customers serviced...SO Far!

4 Companies are now one.  Thats right!  

Metro-Star Industrial, The Fast Fix Co, Handyman of The South & Handyman-Handi.

Same great Companies, Same Great Service, All under UNO Umbrella!

Handyman UNO


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